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  • We offer national and international yacht brokerage services including assistance with financing, insurance, shipping and transportation, surveyors, mechanical and electronics surveys, Coast Guard Documentation, and boatyards who can best perform your refits and projects.
  • We are also fully licensed and bonded in the state of Florida. So, if you are in search of a particular boat and want the security of dealing with an honest and seasoned broker, please give us a call.
  • We participate in boat shows and maintain relationships with boat manufacturers, captains, yacht designers, shipyards, marinas, and electronics forms to keep our knowledge current and up-to date.
  • As a professional YBAA Broker, we also safeguard your deposit in our escrow account. Prior to a Closing, we will order an abstract of title to ensure there are no liens or encumbrances. We also pay off any outstanding loans or mortgages and procure a Satisfaction of Mortgage. These are not easily and readily done if the sale is handled by a private Seller, not a professional broker.
  • We are here to serve you and we offer personalized service, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff with 45 years of experience.

Please call us for recommendations for:


Go to www.marinesurvey.org for a complete list of SAMS or NAMS surveyors nationwide.
For individual recommendations, contact Annie Gray or Barbara Slowik @ 207-363-7997


Sterling Associates
ask for Shawn Rogan @ 800-286-8073


This requires an analysis of where you will be boating and how much experience you have.
Please call Annie Gray or Barbara Slowik @ 207-363-7997 for a list of our most professional and responsive insurance companies.


Captain Tim Purington 603-770-8378
E-mail: TPHsails@comcast.net

I have been living aboard and delivering both sail and power vessels for over thirty years. It would be my pleasure to deliver your yacht anywhere you need it. Call me. We’ll plan a safe and fast trip. Remember that you, the owner, are always welcome. What a great way to enjoy your boat.

John Flanzer. Based in Bradenton, Florida but will deliver anywhere. Also, a builder of stunning vessels. Master 50 ton license. Email: jflanzer123@gmail.com or 941-962-8275


Captain Tim Purington 603-770-8378 or E-mail TPHsails@comcast.net
If you need someone to instruct you on your new vessel, or you would like to refresh your docking skills or you just want to talk boats, give me a call. I have taught children as young as eight years old in the KPYC sailing school, seventy year olds who have purchased their first boat and long-time boaters who just wanted to feel more capable handling their own yacht. The more comfortable you are handling your boat, the more you will enjoy her.


Seven Star Boats or Dockwise
Call Annie Gray @ 207-363-7997

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